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Best Of 2013: The Civil Wars


The Civil Wars

This album contains a lot of depth, power, emotion and passion…and some of that springs from the unique circumstances surrounding its release.

John Paul White and Joy Williams were gaining incredible momentum after their debut album in 2011. But relentless touring created issues between them, and they decided to call it quits shortly before this self-titled sophomore album was finished. They actually finished the recording process separately, and are still not on speaking terms.

Many are hoping for a reconciliation, but if this is indeed the last we hear from The Civil Wars, it will be an incredible farewell.

The Civil Wars

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SONG: The Civil Wars

“Dust to Dust”

I had heard this new single before, but tonight I took a moment to stop everything else I was doing and really take it in. I turned up the volume, closed my eyes and I was struck by just how beautiful it is.

I’m sad that John Paul White and Joy Williams have decided to call it quits…that they aren’t even on speaking terms right now. I’m hoping they’ll eventually reconcile their differences so we can hear more from them.

The Civil Wars

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