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SONG: Rodriguez

“Sugar Man”

I recently saw the documentary Searching for Sugar Man which is basically about the mystery surrounding the musician known as Rodriguez. Sixto Rodriguez was discovered in Detroit during the late 60’s and his career looked promising. But his first two albums never caught on in the U.S. and he faded into obscurity. Unbeknownst to him, Rodriguez became a household name in South Africa during the Apartheid. The doc is really a story about the human spirit and it’s incredibly uplifting. It was  filmed brilliantly and it features music from Rodriguez. The song “Sugar Man” stuck with me the most:

Searching for Sugar Man

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Under African Skies

Paul Simon’s Graceland Journey 

Tonight I saw a wonderful documentary about Paul Simon’s album, Graceland and the concert he put on with the original recording band to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. It discussed the controversy surrounding the recording of the album and the subsequent tour (during both, South African musicians were breaking the ANC’s cultural boycott during the apartheid).

While discussing all of this, the documentary really clearly spoke to the universal power of music, and by showing clips of the original recording sessions, it breathed a whole new life into Graceland. I feel like I’ll forever listen to the songs with new ears. A true must-see for any Paul Simon fan.

Under African Skies
Paul Simon 

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