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SONG: Dawes

“Someone Will”

Sorry for the weeklong silence – I caught the flu and was pretty much dead to the world for a minute there.

I’ve been diggin’ this ditty from the latest Dawes release. It’s got a great moving feeling to it…and the lyrics are (not suprisingly) solid:

“your heart is bigger than any that I’ve gone up against…
and if nobody’s loved you enough I know now, someone will”


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“Most People”

I guess I’m in one of those moods lately. I’m really listening intently to certain songs, hearing the words and being struck by them.

“If she listens very carefully
To a room of conversation
She can feel the planet orbiting through space
She hears pieces of arguments
Beginnings of jokes
And the odd lines of a song she cannot place

And it all makes up an image
That resists interpretation
Which is lately how she likes to see herself
How she does not believe in accidents
Doesn’t disagree out loud
And falls in love with every man she cannot help”


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ALBUM: Dawes

Stories Don’t End

When you’re REALLY sick (the stomach bug kind), there’s not a lot of joy in the process of getting better. There’s a lot of sleep, a lot of fluids, a lot of pleading with your digestive system…but there’s not a lot of music. At least there wasn’t for me these past 4 days. Getting “must call out of work” sick made me stop and realize how much I appreciate my job as a DJ – where I get to pass along a minimum of 4 hours of music a night, simultaneously taking all that in myself. While I battled the sickness, I was also thankful for a note in my inbox that included a link to this new album preview – it sure sounds like Dawes will treat us to some more kickass tunes in April!

Thanks to PJ for employing me, and for sending me this Dawes video while I was at home sick!


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SONG: Dawes

“Fire Away”

Last night on the mvyradio Hot Seat, I focused on contemporary artists and the musicians who have inspired their sound. When it came time to show how the band Dawes has been inspired by Jackson Browne, it seemed fitting to play a song that features Browne on backing vocals. I feel like this track can get lost on the Dawes album, Nothing Is Wrong, but I was reminded of just how good it is when I revisited it. It’s lengthy, but if you can listen until the end, it just keeps getting better and better.


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LIVE: Dawes

“When My Time Comes”

Have you checked out all the live videos from Bonnaroo yet? There’s a bunch of great performances from The Shins, St. Vincent, Delta Spirit, Alabama Shakes, and much more! I’m like a kid in a candy store over there…

Here’s Dawes doing a tune that always gets the crowd riled up…

“You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks, yea you can stare into the abyss but it’s always staring right back”


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Album Of The Week

Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

The music from this four piece out of LA has an amazing way of sounding like something you’ve heard before, but somehow with a newness about it. Their tunes have been called “authentically vintage” and I really think that description is right on.

Right away the lyrics are noticeably simple but brilliant. Singer/songwriter Taylor Goldsmith has clearly been inspired by Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Jackson Browne (who sings background vocals on one track).

The single, “Time Spent In Los Angeles”, opens the album and is fittingly catchy and almost sweet sounding [*video below]. Track #2, “If I Wanted Someone”, has a bit of a Tom Petty vibe to me. “My Way Home” slows things down a bit and then heats up with some amazing guitarwork and belting vocals towards the end – a perfect segue into “Coming Back To A Man”, which is upbeat and drum-driven with a touch of harmonica.

Track #5 is “So Well”, to me one of the more sad songs on the album…and in the words we hear how the album gets its name… “And she does it so well, I was still falling in love when she said farewell, for long enough to finally tell, that nothing is wrong

We’re picked right back up with a really fun tune – “How Far We’ve Come” – one of my favorites on the album. Then comes “Fire Away”, which starts slow for me, but by the end I’m blown away by the gorgeous vocal harmonies (including Jackson Browne), and again, some seriously great guitar [*listen below, to the end!]. More sadness and heartache with the light, airy “Moon In The Water”, and the brooding “Million Dollar Bill”.

We get a much needed pick me up with track #10 – “The Way You Laugh” – which has a melody that makes you move and even some ooohs thrown in. Finally, “A Little Bit Of Everything” starts up…and it doesn’t take long to realize it’s an astonishing piece of writing. I think it’s the perfect way to end the album…leaving you thinking about life and love and connectedness. [*live version below]

“Time Spent In Los Angeles”

“Fire Away”

“A Little Bit Of Everything” [LIVE]


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Best Of ’11: Dawes

Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

Sort of funny that this album is called Nothing Is Wrong…because there really isn’t a thing wrong with it. Each song is so solidly folk rock…and the album as a whole is very cohesive and complete. When I saw Dawes live at Newport Folk two summers ago, I flipped for them. While this album doesn’t make me flip, it IS a really great piece of work by a talented band. It’ll land somewhere on my best of list for the year.



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Daytrotter: Dawes

There’s just something about Dawes…there’s this natural essence of rock to their music. It’s not forced, and it’s not heavy. There certainly are elements of other genres mixed in there as well, but these guys have this pureness to their tunes. It’s difficult for me to explain, but maybe you’ll hear what I mean in this live Daytrotter session. It includes tracks from their new album, Nothing Is Wrong.



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Song Of The Day

Middle Brother – “Me Me Me”

Oh man, what luck! I’ve been extremely excited about the new supergroup, Middle Brother (which consists of the lead singers of Deer Tick, Dawes, and Delta Spirit). What I’ve heard online, I’ve loved and since we haven’t gotten the full length album into the studio, I’ve been thinking about actually purchasing it (oh the horror!). However, without any prompting, my musically conscious friend sent me the album the other day! Thanks Vee! Can’t wait to take it all in… here’s the single, “Me Me Me”:

Middle Brother

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Newport Folk: Saturday Highlight

We’re back at the Fort, and getting ready for day two… we’ll be streaming live from the main stage… and it’s an incredible lineup! Just visit mvyradio.com throughout the day to hear Tao Rodriguez Seeger, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, The Avett Brothers, The Swell Season, and possibly Levon Helm (he has yet to approve streaming).

*Photo by Scott Wurster

Yesterday was a wonderful experience. I think the highlight musically for me was hearing Dawes on the Quad Stage. It’s the stage closest to our little tent, so I can hear it quite clearly. These four guys out of Los Angeles are relatively new to the music scene, and I really think they may be my favorite up and coming band at the moment. They’ve got a unique sound… a blend of indie, folk, and rock.  Their set yesterday really attracted a lot of attention and they played a few songs extra after being encored. The lead singer has a great voice that sort of cuts through the well blended sounds of the band and the other members frequently add really solid harmonies. Check out their set on our website: Click on “Download Performances”, and “All 2010 Recordings” to find Dawes

Newport Folk

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