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LYRICS: Norah Jones

“Good Morning”

Breaking up. Norah Jones explores all the anger, sadness and introspection that comes along with this painful experience on her new album Little Broken Hearts. I immediately loved the SOUND of this album (produced by Danger Mouse) but with closer attention paid to the lyrics, I’m bowled over by the emotional content on these 12 tracks. “Good Morning” is the perfect way to begin the story:

“Good Morning
My thoughts on leaving are back on the table I thought you should know
And maybe powerful actions, or powerful feelings would keep me from

I’m folding my hand
I’m folding my hand”

Norah Jones

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Song Of The Day

Electric Guest – “This Head I Hold”

Thanks to PJ for playing this tune for me…it’s got that throwback vintage sound that seems to be everywhere these days. Seems like I should be tired of the sound, except I’m not! It’s fun, it makes you move, it’s SOULFUL. I will say, I heard the song before I saw this video and I was laughing at how unassuming these kids look! That sound coming from a bunch of young white guys is surprising to say the least.

Electric Guest

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Song Of The Day

Broken Bells – “The Ghost Inside”

Broken Bells is a dream collaboration – James Mercer (singer of The Shins) and Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse). Their debut, self-titled album came out in March of this year. I’ve been watching the very beginning of Mad Men recently, so it’s a trip to see Christina Hendricks in this video for “The Ghost Inside”:

Broken Bells

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