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Best Of 2013: Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite

ben charlie

Get Up!

This album was released way back in January, so it might be easy to forget about it. For me, it’s easy to remember how ELECTRIC this combination was. It just works. They’ve really found a common language. Ben Harper wrote every track on this album specifically for this project and that has always impressed me…it’s so common to see two artists come together for an album of cover songs. But this is something new.

Ben Harper/Charlie Musselwhite

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SONG: Broken Bells

“Holding On For Life”

I was thrilled to hear that the collaboration between James Mercer (The Shins) and Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) would continue with another Broken Bells album. After The Disco comes out in January and the single is spacey and electronic with hints of The Bee Gees. It’s safe to say, I’m psyched!

Broken Bells

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SONG: Elvis Costello & The Roots

“Walk Us Uptown”

Elvis Costello teamed up with The Roots for a new album that’s officially out later this month… it’s called Wise Up Ghost. Here’s the single:

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SONG: David Byrne & St. Vincent


I think there were a lot of folks looking forward to this collaboration and in my opinion, Love This Giant does not disappoint. It’s just as layered, odd, and provocative as I thought it would be. As is this video for the single “Who”:

Love This Giant

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