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“A Country’s King Of Dreams”

My friend, B and I have very similar taste in music. It seems like whenever we get together, I discover a new song or band that I really love, and most recently it was this tune from Caveman that really caught my ear. These guys are out of NYC and they’ve put out a new self-titled release this year. After poking around a bit, I love everything I’ve heard from them…click below to hear their entire debut album that came out in 2011, CoCo Beware (track 1 being the song that first grabbed me):


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Daytrotter: Caveman

Honestly, it took me a minute to figure out if I had heard this band before…since I’ve recently blogged about both the Cave Singers and Mountain Man…but this Daytrotter session is my first listen. To me, they sound a bit like The National crossed with Radiohead. I dig it.



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