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Best Of 2013: Willy Mason


“Carry On”

This album is undeniably Willy Mason’s best yet. It’s no surprise that his words are brilliant, but the music is also incredibly dynamic…there’s experimentation here that we haven’t seen from him before, but the core strength of his vocals is still front and center. From start to finish, this album has guts and the lyrics hold weight. The tracks are individually compelling… and together, make a brilliant album that is one of the strongest releases this year.

Willy Mason

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SONG: Willy Mason

“Talk Me Down”

I didn’t think this tune from Willy Mason’s latest album could get more beautiful, but here’s the new music video and it’s gorgeous:

Carry On is officially out in the states on August 20th.

Willy Mason

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SONG: Willy Mason

“Pickup Truck”

While Willy Mason’s album Carry On is only officially out in the UK, we’ve gotten our hands on it here where Willy’s roots are – on the Vineyard. I suppose this is one of the perks of being a tight-knit, island community! Willy recently released this new music video for one of the tracks on the album, and it’s wonderful to see a familiar setting and familiar faces. “Pickup Truck” was filmed on the island, with Willy’s island friends…

Willy Mason


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