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SONG: Jamestown Revival


Friends from Texas formed this LA-based band a few years ago and now they’re poised to released their first full length album. This track is a single we’ve been playing on mvyradio and it’s from a 4-song EP which you can stream HERE.

Jamestown Revival

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Lyric Of The Week

Delta Spirit – “California”

I CANNOT stop listening to this song…I literally play it every time I get into my car. Aside from the lush instrumentation, the words are really what move me. The first half of the song has such simple lyrics, you almost find youself thinking it’s cliche…and then the second half delivers some really great emotion. I feel like it’s another one of those songs that’s incredibly universal. I think we can all relate to the pain here, and that’s somehow a beautiful thing.

“I want you to move to California for yourself,
I want you to find whatever your heart needs,
I want you to move to California for yourself, but not for me.

I want you to go out there and find somebody else,
I want him to treat you like I know he should,
I want you to find somebody new for yourself, if not for me.

all of the feelings that I know you never felt,
and all of the simple words you never said,
I want you to keep them like a secret to yourself, they’re not for me.

I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms,
I want you to hide yourself from all I see,
and though my heart will fight until its dying breath, you’re not for me.”

Delta Spirit

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Song Of The Day

Delta Spirit – “California”

This is one of my favorite bands, so I was psyched to get a hold of their new album last week.  They’ve definitely evolved and changed, which is sometimes a good thing…sometimes not so much. They’ve added a freshness to their straight ahead rock sound…I wouldn’t call it pop, but it seems to make the music sound a little more mainstream. So far, I’m enjoying some songs on the album and skipping over others. I know with more listening, I may be able to appreciate them all. The single, “California” is still my favorite.

Delta Spirit 


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