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SONG: Alabama Shakes

“Rise to the Sun”

It seems I’m stuck on a few artists lately, this incredible band being one of them.  This track is one of my favorites on their debut album…I remember when I saw them live, the crowd joined in, singing along at around the 2 min 20 second mark – “I wake up, rise to the sun, I go to work, and I come back home” (x2). The buildup musically  before these two lines is epic, and that delayed climax to the tune seems to always make me replay the track immediately for another listen.

Alabama Shakes 

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Song Of The Day

Laura Marling – “Sophia”

Ok, give this song a minute. Actually, a minute and 25 seconds. It’s a slow start, but it’s incredible! We weren’t sure about playing it on mvy…it’s tough when a song doesn’t grab the listener’s attention within the first minute. But ultimately this song is flippin’ gorgeous, and Laura Marling is truly channeling a Joni Mitchell feel towards the second half. The video is so fitting too. She begins sitting alone, and then walks up to the rest of her band as the song builds. Dynamite.

Laura Marling

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