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LIVE: Feist

It’s been over a week since I saw Feist perform at the House Of Blues in Boston and I’m still absorbing it. When you get wrapped up in an artist’s work, you form your own unique opinion of who that person is, and what their art means. Then when you come face to face with the reality, it can disappoint. I’ve been a fan for years, and when I finally saw her live last week, Leslie Feist did not disappoint…seeing her only confirmed what I felt by listening to her music – She’s plugged in. She’s real. She’s incredibly unique. And she’s an extroardinary talent.

I’m very lucky to have a strong musical connection with my father. I frequently give him music that I’ve been enjoying and he almost always loves it too. Like me, he found himself deeply connected with Feist’s latest album, Metals and especially to a certain song –  “The Circle Married The Line”. He was so inspired that he created a very simple but striking painting to convey the song title’s image:

Dad wrapped up the painting and brought it to the show and we gave it to the person at the merch table, hoping he’d pass it along. My dad was SO excited to see Feist live, and he might’ve been the only 70-year-old in the audience. We stood by the front, entranced as she and her band opened with “The Bad In Each Other” and played a dark, barely recognizable rendition of “Mushaboom”. About 4 or 5 songs in, she said to the audience, “Jack Phaneuf, are you here?” and we shouted and waved at the stage from where we were standing. She said, “Jack, this goes out to you”, and played my dad’s favorite, as we smiled from ear to ear and shook our heads at each other in disbelief. That’s the kind of person Feist is.

Even aside from the shout out, the night was magical. The trio Mountain Man accompanies the band on tour these days, and their harmonies soared behind Feist’s vocals. We heard almost every song on Metals, and others like “I Feel It All”, “My Moon My Man”, “So Sorry”, “Sea Lion Woman”, “The Limit To Your Love”, and “Let It Die”. A few special cameras were set up at strategic postitions onstage to project images on the back wall with a trippy kaleidoscope effect. You’ll see what I mean in the video below (complete with my Dad’s shoutout):


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LIVE: Timber Timbre

Heading to see Feist live at the House Of Blues in Boston, I wasn’t thinking much about who the opener would be. But the half hour or so that we spent listening to Timber Timbre was pretty memorable. This Canadien trio is VERY different. There’s a darkness, almost a creepiness to their music. And intentionally so! In face their latest album is called Creep On Creepin’ On.

I was standing towards the front of the stage while they played their set, and I noticed how entranced everyone around me was. It’s that eerie music that you’d maybe imagine if you were walking alone through a graveyard in the dark. It’s like the soundtrack to a spooky Tim Burton film. It’s the music they’d be playing on the jukebox in the underworld. This all may sound unpleasent, but there’s definitely something fascinating about this music. There’s a quiet dark beauty to it. It’s not like much else…it’s Timber Timbre:

Timber Timbre

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Song Of The Day

Alabama Shakes – “You Ain’t Alone” [Live]

It looks like I’ll be at the sold out Alabama Shakes show at the Paradise in Boston on Sunday night (!)…and in anticipation, I’m checking out all sort of videos from the band. The more live stuff I watch, the more my excitement builds. There seems to be a massive amount of energy and passion infused into their live show. Just check out this incredible performance of “You Ain’t Alone” to see what I mean:

Alabama Shakes

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