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COVER: Bonnie Raitt & David Lindley

“Everywhere I Go”

This is a track from this year’s new Jackson Browne tribute album Looking Into You. 23 artists cover Jackson Browne tunes on this two disc release, and I’ve gotta say – it’s an awesome tribute. There are so many solid tracks but this one is probably my favorite. It’s got such a light and lovely feel to it, and I find myself singing it my head alllll the time:

Bonnie Raitt
David Lindley

Looking Into You


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Song Of The Day

Bonnie Raitt – “Right Down The Line”

Did you hear Bonnie Raitt has a new album coming out in April? Slipstream will be the first studio album she’s released in 7 years and I’m pretty excited. With the latest albums from Paul Simon, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen all making an impression on me, I’m a firm believer that certain artists can continue to write some seriously good tunes 40+ years into their careers. Check out the single, “Right Down The Line”:

Bonnie Raitt

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Great Call For Karaoke!

Bonnie Raitt – “Something To Talk About”

I’m overtired and in a silly mood so I’ve decided to start a new type of post. “Great Call For Karaoke” will be just what it sounds like. Let’s see if I actually stick with it…there’s a chance this could be fun if I do. Something tells me I’m going to be attending many Saturday night karaoke nights this off-season. Some will be fun, others…not so much. Tonight was a fun one! Someone got up and did this tune tonight, and it’s one I’ve actually done before. It’s totally unexpected to pull out some Bonnie Raitt, but when you do, people are psyched. This song is a little suggestive, and fun for the crowd to sing along to…easy-ish to sing. Watch out for the key change!

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