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SONG: Ben Gibbard

“Bigger Than Love” [feat. Aimee Mann]

Wow. For those who didn’t hear, the radio station I work for has succeeded in raising $600,000 to continue as a non-profit, commercial-free, web-based operation. mvyradio lives on! I will say, the past two months of fundraising has taken a lot out of me and distracted me quite a bit from this blog (and other things, like laundry ;) BUT, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It’s been absolutely incredible to hear from over 3,700 listeners who think the world of this little radio station. THANK YOU to everyone who’s showed their support!

So, I’m going to try to check in here much more often…as always, there has been no shortage of great music! This track from Ben Gibbard’s solo album Former Lives has really grabbed me recently:

“It’s bigger than love
brighter than all the stars combined
dwarfing the sun
burning within my heart and mind”

Benjamin Gibbard


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