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LOCAL: Ben Taylor…and more!


Martha’s Vineyard Skatepark Benefit

TONIGHT, Saturday June 1st, Flatbread on Martha’s Vineyard kicks off it’s season of live music with a benefit for the MV Skatepark. Ben Taylor headlines this evening of music, with appearances from island bands DCLA and 2nd Power and plenty of great jams before, after and in between from DJ Ricky Prime!

“Oh Brother”

Flatbread MV | 17 Airport Rd, Edgartown
21+, Doors at 7PM. $30 for general admission, $75 to be a VIP
*cash or check only at the door

Some press:
MV Times article
Vineyard Gazette article


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VIDEO: Ben Taylor

“Worlds Are Made Of Paper”

Ben Taylor’s new video also premiered yesterday (two Vineyard musicians put out music videos on the same day – pretty sweet), and this one is an eyebrow-raiser. I posted it on my Facebook with the disclaimer that it was “racy”. Maybe that wasn’t strong enough of a word – you decide!

Ben is no stranger to raciness…I’ve always loved this tune & video, “Wicked Way”

Ben Taylor

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LIVE: Ben Taylor

Live Ben Taylor is waiting for you on Daytrotter…this site is a massive source for live music from all sorts of artists. Well worth a membership. Taylor’s new album Listening will come out in August…


Ben Taylor

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LYRICS: Ben Taylor

“Worlds Are Made of Paper”

I remember hearing Ben perform this tune at Nectars here on the island over the summer. I tried to jot down the words afterwards but didn’t get it right. Love that this is the first taste we’re getting of his forthcoming album, Listening (August 14th). There are so many great lyrics in this tune, and I really love the vibe he created for the recording. Right now you can hear the track exclusively through spinner.com (CLICK HERE).

“Worlds are made of paper
and time is only time

nothing lasts forever
cause people change their minds
I do
I do

But for the moment I
can’t find a reason why
I’d need to move along

Tomorrow doesn’t mind
that Yesterday
is just my favorite Beatles’ song
my favorite Beatles’ song”

Ben Taylor

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Lyric Of The Week

Ben Taylor – “Nothing I Can Do”

Some writers just have a natural gift…they can put feelings into words, describe something or someone with pure poetry, look at one thing and see something else, and they can imagine things that may have never been imagined (or at least not put into words). Ben Taylor blows me away with the first verse of his tune, “Nothing I Can Do”:

“First morning ever to have seen the sun
Must have run the other way
Until she found that it was only getting earlier that way
When she spun one-hundred-eighty degrees
And beheld the sweet light rising through the trees
She fell to her knees and she began to smile ’cause
She had been in darkness for a long long while…”

Ben Taylor

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Song Of The Day

Ben Taylor – “Wicked Way”

When I first heard this song, I thought it was so mean! But seeing this video and hearing Ben talk a bit about his intentions while writing it made me realize it’s more of a joke than anything. There’s something genius about using gorgeous girls to sing the song. It definitely makes it seem playful and sexual and harmless…the way I think Ben intended it. Now that I have that impression of the tune, I find it quite humourous and extremely catchy!

Ben Taylor

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