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Best Of 2013: Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite

ben charlie

Get Up!

This album was released way back in January, so it might be easy to forget about it. For me, it’s easy to remember how ELECTRIC this combination was. It just works. They’ve really found a common language. Ben Harper wrote every track on this album specifically for this project and that has always impressed me…it’s so common to see two artists come together for an album of cover songs. But this is something new.

Ben Harper/Charlie Musselwhite


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LYRICS: Ben Harper

“Walk Away”

I don’t like to get too personal on this blog…it’s really about the music. Let’s just say I’m going through a difficult time, and a friend recommended this tune. It definitely hits home. Simply stated message, but so powerful.

“With so many people
To love in my life
Why do I worry
About one?

But you put the happy
In my ness
You put the good times
Into my fun
And it’s so hard to do
And so easy to say
But sometimes
Sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away
And head for the door”

Ben Harper


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SONG: Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite

“I Don’t Believe A Word You Say”

This song has been running through my head today, since I’m on high alert for April Fools day! If you haven’t checked out the collaboration between Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, you must! Get Up! is an album of original songs written (and sang) by Harper and performed alongside Musselwhite’s gritty harmonica. This is one of my favorite albums of the year so far!

Ben Harper
Charlie Musselwhite
Get Up!

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NEW Music Preview

It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these… here are a few things that have caught my ear recently: Death Cab for Cutie is coming out with Codes and Keys at the end of May and I think the single sounds quite solid. Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros has gone solo with a new album simply called, Alexander and the sound is surprisingly fresh. Three brothers from Texas – Los Lonely Boys – are out with a new album called Rockpango, and while we’ll have to wait until May 17th to hear the entire new album from Ben Harper, we’ve got a taste with the rocking single – “Rock ‘N Roll is Free.”

Artists featured in this NEW Music Preview:
Death Cab for Cutie
Los Lonely Boys
Ben Harper

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Song Of The Day

Fistful Of Mercy – “Father’s Son”

Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison, and Joseph Arthur got together to form this new supergroup, who’s debut album (As I Call You Down) is being very well received. Here’s the twangy, stomping, catchy single, “Father’s Son”:

Fistful Of Mercy

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Song Of The Day

Robert Randolph and the Family Band w/ Ben Harper – “If I Had My Way”

This song is a cover of a classic recorded by Blind Willie Johnson way back when. I think this version is simply DYNAMITE! We’ve been playing it on mvy¬†and every time I hear it I love it more. You can find it on Robert Randolph’s new album, We Walk This Road. Check it out:

Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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