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SONG: Johnny Flynn

“The Lady Is Risen”

I’m back from a really stellar two week vacation. I took a break from work, a break from this blog and a break from seeking out music…even in Nashville. I did definitely experience some wonderful live music, but my trip was mostly about visiting with dear friends and I will say, my heart feels very full!

Now back to the radio station and this blog and MUSIC on a daily basis…

One of the first songs I heard while getting settled back at mvyradio tonight was this single from English singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn. I really dig the sound, it reminds me a little of Beirut or Fionn Regan. Flynn’s new album Country Mile came out in September.

Johnny Flynn


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VIDEO: Beirut

“The Rip Tide”

Beirut’s latest album The Rip Tide is fantastic, I’ve been listening to it on and off since it came out late last summer. A few days ago, the band released a new video for the title track and it’s gorgeous. The first three minutes are lovely and then things get a little trippy…watch and wait for it!


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Best Of ’11: Beirut

Beirut – The Rip Tide

Zach Condon and friends have a very distinguishable sound. And it’s so odd. One minute you think you’re listening to old fashioned music from another land…and the next minute, nothing could sound more familiar and more current. The Rip Tide is nine gorgeous tracks that sound like the Beirut that fans know and love, but with an even more universal feel and tone. Listen to hear what I’m struggling to describe…


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Song Of The Day

Beirut – “A Candle’s Fire”

I’ve been loving the new Beirut album, The Rip Tide. Zach Condon continues to bring a big, strong, baroque feel to his music without being too showy about it. The opening track is my favorite – setting the scene for the rest with it’s blasting horns and marching drum beat. Check it out:

And listen to the ENTIRE ALBUM HERE!


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La Blogotheque: Beirut

La Blogotheque’s “Take Away Shows” are so wonderful to explore…there are SO many live, magical performances to check out from all sorts of artists. This one is from Zach Condon and friends. Beirut was originally his solo project, that grew into a large band. Here’s “Nantes”:

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La Blogotheque

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