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Best Of 2012: Bahamas


On January 1st, 2012, the year kicked off with one of my favorite releases – Barchords. Afie Jurvanen is Bahamas and he’s by far my favorite musical discovery of the year. This Canadian musician has previously worked with Feist and this is his sophomore solo release. The first track, “Lost In The Light” particularly grabs me — the beauty of it still has me completely in awe even after listening hundreds of times (no exaggeration there). Can’t wait to hear more from him…

“Lost In The Light”

“Caught Me Thinking”

“Ok Alright I’m Alive”


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LYRICS: Bahamas

“Lost In The Light”

Another Bahamas post, but a much needed suggestion to you…this song has been on repeat in my car and it was wonderful in the background while driving on this rainy day. The beautiful background vocals and percussive rhythm carry the verses andĀ  lead them to a climactic transition with a heavy piano chorus. All this while his vocals start to remind me of Amos Lee! And the LYRICS…those are really what get me:

“…And I held my own
still I rattled your bones
I said some awful things and I take them back

If we would try again
just remember when
before we were lovers,
I swear we were friends

So if someone could see me now,
let them see you.

Let them see you
See you through
all the hard things
we’ve all gotta do
cause this life is long
and so you wouldn’t be wrong
being free
leavin me
on my own


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SONG: Bahamas

“Caught Me Thinkin'”

I’ve been really loving the Bahamas album Barchords the past few days. Thanks to B for the suggestion! Bahamas is the stage name for Canadian musicianĀ Afie Jurvanen who used to work with Feist. He’s recently released this sophomore album, and I think it’s really wonderful. At times he reminds me of M. Ward, and other times his voice is remniscent of Amos Leee, but the music is always somewhat restrained…as if the silence is as important as the notes in between. When you hear Bahamas, you may think tropical beachy music, and this is probably the only track on the album that really matches up with that idea:


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