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Daytrotter: Alexi Murdoch

Something about Alexi Murdoch’s music just screams FALL to me. So I was thrilled to see his live session posted on Daytrotter today. It’s bare. It’s subtle but beautiful. It’s a bit chilly in mood but not too depressing. There’s something very wise about his music. As Sean Moeller says in his article, “Murdoch writes and sings like a man with generations and generations of people whispering to him…”


Alexi Murdoch

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Lyric Of The Week

Alexi Murdoch – “Someday Soon”

Today, Alexi Murdoch’s new album, Towards The Sun, was released, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it and take it all in. Meanwhile, I’ve heard a few tracks online including the gorgeous song, “Someday Soon”, that has some breath-taking lyrics.

“I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon (x2)
Cause where I live it gets dark at night
The kind of dark eats up the light (x2)
You know that mother, I’d be lying
If I didn’t tell you I’m afraid of dying…”

Alexi Murdoch

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