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SONG: Johnny Flynn

“Time Unremembered”

Tonight at 9PM I’ll feature Johnny Flynn’s latest album, Country Mile, for mvyradio’s Album of the Week. I really enjoy Flynn’s sound a lot and there are plenty of killer songs on this album, including the final track…such a beautiful way to end it:

Johnny Flynn

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COVER: Sarah Jarosz

“Simple Twist of Fate” [Bob Dylan]

Wow. Just wow. This cover gives me goosebumps before she even starts singing. Sarah Jarosz is a very young phenom in the bluegrass world. At age 18 she released her debut album and was nominated for a Grammy award. This year she released her third album, Build Me Up From Bones, as she graduated from the New England Conservatory of music in Boston. At 22 years old, with her flawless voice and mastery of multiple instruments, I think it’s an understatement to say her career looks promising!

Build Me Up From Bones is where you’ll find this incredibly beautiful Bob Dylan cover and tonight you can hear the album from start to finish on mvyradio’s Album Of the Week (9PM).

Sarah Jarosz

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SONG: Laura Marling


Tonight on mvyradio, I’ll feature Laura Marling’s album Once I Was An Eagle in its entirety. I have to say, I’ve not heard such a beautiful album in a very very long time. Sitting and listening to this record while reading the lyrics, I went through so many emotions and came close to tears many times. It’s an incredibly powerful piece of art, and I hope you can join me to listen at 9PM – mvyradio.com

We are beyond excited to welcome Laura Marling to the Vineyard for a Friends Of mvyradio benefit performance – Sunday, September 1st at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center. Get your tickets here – FriendsOfmvyradio.org

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ALBUM: Jesse Dee


On My Mind/In My Heart

Tonight I’ll feature this new album from Boston-based soul singer Jesse Dee as our Album Of The Week on mvyradio. You can “tune in” at 9PM to hear the album from start to finish! After years of touring and recording independently, Jesse has signed onto Alligator Records for this release and I’m excited about this new partnership! Alligator Records works with country, blues and soul artists that we love at mvyradio and Jesse Dee fits right in.

The simplest way I can sum up this album is by saying it’s filled with HORNS and HOOKS. And if you’re not familiar with Jesse Dee’s voice, it’s one of the most powerful and soulful voices you’ve likely heard in a while. Jesse’s songwriting is filled with hopeful and encouraging lyrics. This is a soul album that lifts the spirits and makes you smile. I think the title track of the album really conveys that:

Jesse Dee

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SONG: Dala

“Lennon and McCartney”

These two girls never cease to amaze me with the amount of sweetness that’s infused in everything they do. Their latest album Best Day has a lot of beautiful slower tunes on it, but this cute upbeat number is my favorite track:

Listen to Best Day tonight at 9PM on mvyradio’s Album of the Week!

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LYRICS: Chris Smither

“Hundred Dollar Valentine”

This is the title track of Chris Smither’s latest album and it’s probably one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard this year. From start to finish, every phrase seems so perfect to me. I’ve got to include the entire song:

“Tell me why, the moment you’re gone
I can’t see anymore,
That sun is risin’ but it just don’t shine,
Ain’t no light through my door.
I flip my switches but I don’t turn on,
There ain’t a flicker baby, I got no juice today,
I had a lighter in my carry-on,
But the airline took it away.

You know it ain’t just my sight that you stole,
My heart’s been missin’ a beat,
My wheels are spinnin’ but they just don’t roll,
I’m standin’ dead on my feet.
I can’t go out, I can’t stay home,
I’m cryin’ showers, my mind’s a hurricane,
I called a taxi ’bout an hour ago,
But I think he got lost in the rain.

No mail today, my phone never rings,
Nothin’ works when you’re gone,
My mind is hummin’ but my heart don’t sing,
Baby can’t you please come home.
I got time on my hands I got you on my mind,
I got a heart that’s beatin’ like a hundred-dollar valentine,
I know you told me you’d be home by four,
But I just can’t take it no more.
I know you told me you’d be home by four,
But I just can’t take it no more.”

Listen tonight at 9PM to hear the entire new Chris Smither album – the Album of the Week on mvyradio.com!

Chris Smither

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SONG: Gotye

“I Feel Better”

Sure, people will call Gotye a one hit wonder, but is seems to me he’s actually a hardworking, experimental pop musician who happened to have a smash hit. His (3rd) album, Making Mirrors shows an incredible amount of range and it’s Gotye himself (Wouter (Wally) De Backer is his given name) crafting these tunes and producing them. I’m sure you’ve heard “Somebody That I Used To Know”…well compare it to this tune below that’s off the same album. If it intrigues you. listen to more from Making Mirrors tonight at 9PM on mvyradio.


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