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27 responses to “Contact Jess

  1. Jen Metropolis

    Hey Jess!
    Love the blog! Such great suggestions–just what I needed to upgrade my itunes. I’m really impressed and will definitely be checking in regularly. Hope you are staying happy on your island :)


  2. jack phaneuf

    hey jess,
    luke temple’s stuff is really interesting, haunting…i like it; and tuung’s bullets is one of my favorite weird songs of all time…great blog!

  3. jonashyde

    Just passing by, and wanted to say I enjoyed your blog. Any suggestions for my Pandora when Im writing?



  4. Bailey

    I ran across your blog and was very impressed by the choices. I enjoyed basically everything you listed, or, perhaps even more importantly, if I didn’t enjoy a particular song, I could still appreciate it. I have bookmarked it and will be telling my wife, who is also an avid music fan, about it. BTW, we are from Atlanta, so consider the word spread!

  5. Bailey,
    SO GREAT to hear that you enjoy the blog…and all the way in Atlanta! Thanks so much for letting me know, and I hope your wife likes it too :)

  6. Rick Blaine

    Looking for lyrics and to Joe Pug Song, Disguised as someone else. Can’t seem to find on your site.


  7. Richard Blackman

    Jess – Good choice. I also enjoy the catchy “Under the Influence” by James Morrison. It is an uplifting tune that makes me smile every time I hear it played on MVY.

  8. beth

    I found your blog through Ryans, and Im so grateful that I did. Thanks for turning me on to so much great music!!!:)

  9. Mike

    Hey Jess,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. I dig the music. I feel like you would dig The Evergreens. Have you heard of them? Anyways, keep up the great work!


  10. Régis

    The things I’ve seen today, Madeleine Peyroux

    Hi Jess,
    I read the lyrics you wrote down and I like them, as you do.
    It seems impossible to find them all on the web…
    By chance, would you have transcribed the whole song or do you intend to do so one day or another?
    (I’m French and don’t recognize some words just by hearing…)
    Thanks in advance.
    All the best,
    PS : love tour blog… go on like that!

  11. JC

    Great to see you guys on the boat. However, starting all your blog entries with my name is just a little too much. I’m blushing….

  12. kate sheehan

    LOVE your blog, Jess! It was so nice to meet you at Naukabout as well : )

  13. Glad I stumbled on your pHjess flyer at Mocha Mott’s…it’s tough not being closer to my wife’s family’s place on MV so once we leave to head home again this weekend I’ll be tuning in quite a bit. Looking forward to some new music and maybe I can turn you on to some new music from Europe. Enjoy the spring and summer on the island. We’re here until Saturday so if there’s any live shows by bands or musicians you dig let me know. Cheers !

    • Thanks so much for checking out the blog and dropping a note! There’s a great community potluck event Saturday evening in Chilmark with LOTS of music and it’s FREE. Hope you’ll still be around for that!

  14. Ah, didn’t know about this potluck but we had to leave Saturday morning. My wife’s brother will be living in the place off-season between the following Sept and May. We did stop by the Orange Peel Bakery in Aquinnah last week and heard about their Saturday night pizza thing and their return of pizza nights on Wednesdays starting in June. It was tough to leave on Saturday. We don’t get nearly enough time in the house. And we just missed the Chappy Community Center’s potluck the day we got there two weeks ago. Though as many times as I have stopped at the CCC there has been no one working. However, I did get to shoot some hoops at their court which is pretty snazzy as hoops go. How many years again have you been on the island working for the station?

  15. Frank

    I just saw you left mvy. What station did you go to? Mornings won’t be the same. Good luck wherever you go
    Thanks for all the tunes

  16. Mathew Fuller

    ummm hi, I am at the moment battling someone who committed fraud against me through ebay and paypal, and he is using the email, I just wanted to let you know because your the first person who shows up when it is searched.

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