Uncharted Waters 2.29.19

I put this show together after attending Folk Alliance International 2019, in Montreal Canada.


(Intro music “The Echo” Pete’s Posse)
“Go Tell a Bird” Maya De Vitry
“How’d We Get to Know Each Other” Pumpkin Bread
“Halfway To Mexico” Abigail Lapell
“Bills in the Mail” Five Letter Word
“Your Poet Bleeding” Jay Aymar
“Don’t They Say” Katie Matzell
“Half A Mind” Freddy & Francine
“Better Days” Bethlehem & Sad Patrick
“Golden Ring” Belle Plaine
“Anaesthesia” Vivienne Wilder & the Vice Presidents
“Fellas, Get Out The Way” Scott Cook
“Poutine Reels“ Gus La Casse

Listen Fridays/Sundays at 9PM
88.7FM Cape & Islands | 96.5FM Newport | mvyradio.org

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