Uncharted Waters 2.1.19

Below you can see the full playlist for UW, 2/1… I featured a new album from an Icelandic artist I had never heard of before – Junius Meyvant! I was also super surprised at how much I love the new Sunflower Bean song, as they had never fully won me over before…

Check out Junius Meyvant:

“Sisyphus”Andrew Bird
“I Could Have Been An Angel” Sean McConnell
“Passing Afternoon” Iron & Wine (demo)
“Fear City” Sunflower Bean  
“Can’t Help The Way I Feel” Lily & Madeleine
“Let It Pass” Junius Meyvant
“High Alert” Junius Meyvant
“Love Child” Junius Meyvant
“Telepathic Mail” The Wild Reeds
“Old Black Magic” Josh Ritter
“Timing is Everything (And I’m Falling Behind)” Kurt Vile (single)
“Moderation” Florence + The Machine (single)
“Channel Changing with the Holy Ghosts” Fulton Lights 
“I Think It’s All Different” Ben Dickey

Listen Fridays/Sundays at 9PM
88.7FM Cape & Islands | 96.5FM Newport | mvyradio.org

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