Back to the Island


I’ve been at a bit of a standstill with this blog… or website… or whatever you want to call it. But I think I’m ready to just let go of any reservations and share my thoughts or post updates whenever I feel inspired to.

I’ve recently returned to Martha’s Vineyard to take on a new role at mvyradio. I’m the Music Director and the afternoon DJ, and it’s been an interesting three weeks back!

Workwise, I feel even more thrilled about the position as I was before I started…beyond helping with the music we play I’m also responsible for coordinating the station events across the year, so I’m excited to be in the planning stages of our 35th anniversary season! Stay tuned!

Moving back to Martha’s Vineyard, and particularly in February, does come with it’s difficulties but I’ve been very surprised at how pleased I am to be back. The PEOPLE here are especially wonderful and so with every friend I run into, comes that sense of community that I really missed! Plus the stars are SO BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL!

A few folks have written to ask why I decided to leave WUMB and it’s simply because it was still a part-time job, and I was seeking a full-time radio position! While I loved all that I was doing in Boston, it was a lot of hustle (3 jobs at one point) while just barely paying my bills…so I’m beyond happy to be able to focus on one full-time position in my field!

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