Tom Petty | 1950 – 2017

“You know sometimes, I don’t know why, but this old town just seems so hopeless…”

Words escape me when it comes to the loss of Tom Petty. Today during my midday shift on WUMB, I incorporated plenty of his music, but really couldn’t speak much about him. I didn’t feel like a radio host, capable of spouting knowledge about an artist…I felt like a lover of music, without the means to express just how much this particular artist’s melodies, words and persona impacted me.

We’ve lost many incredible musicians this year, but this one particularly hurts for me. Tom Petty had a way of conveying universally felt emotions with such simplicity. That’s the idea with music right? To connect, to commiserate, to mourn or to rejoice together. Petty expressed himself through his music in such a REAL way. I think it made for a very down-to-earth vibe coming from an absolute rock star – something that was very unique.

There will truly never be another Tom Petty.

Maybe I’ll find more words in time, since this news is just setting in. For now I listen to “Here Comes My Girl” on repeat… a song I hope to walk down the aisle to some day! It’s a perfect example of his realness, his casual cool. He’s barely singing! He speaks and shouts and expresses what every person in a relationship hopes their partner feels –

“yea every time it seems like there ain’t nothin left no more I find myself havin’ to reach out and grab hold of somethin’…yea I just catch myself wonderin’ and waitin’, worryin’ about some silly little things that don’t add up to nothin’…and then she looks me in the eye and says ‘we’re gonna last forever’ and man you know I can’t begin to doubt it…no cause it just feels so good, and so free, and so right, I know we ain’t never gonna change our minds about it, hey!”

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