NERFA Standouts

nerfa_logoI’m excited to be headed to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance in the fall. It’s my first such conference and I’ll be on a panel or two (more info to come). I was also asked to judge submissions for the semi-formal showcase at NERFA, and there were over 200 acts to listen to! It was quite an interesting process listening to such a variety of music and figuring out which score to dole out for each act. Obviously there were musicians and bands that really impressed me, so I figured I should share some of the standouts with you here…I’ll narrow it down to a few who particularly hit the spot when it comes to my own musical tastes as well:

Abigail Lapell
Moody, dark folk out of Toronto…

Emily Mure
Killer vocals on this NYC artist who has Boston ties…

Frances Luke Accord
A duo with delightful harmonies, based in Chicago…

Korby Lenker
Quirky folk/pop out of East Nashville…

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