FALL // transition

There’s been quite a lot of transition in my life these days, and I know many of you feel the same…it’s that time of year after all. This is what I’ve been listening to lately…


The Tallest Man On EarthThere’s No Leaving Now

This has been my most recent ear worm. I cannot stop listening to these 10 tracks. The melodies are perfect for driving, and the vibe feels so much like the chill that’s been creeping in as December begins and winter approaches.


Willy MasonCarry On

This album is incredibly strong top to bottom and couldn’t fit the fall vibe more. Seeing as he’s an island native, listening to this one while on Martha’s Vineyard is especially effective.


My Morning JacketThe Waterfall

I’m partially listening to this album because it sounds lovely this time of year but in all honestly I simply haven’t stopped listening to it because it’s one of the year’s best releases!

I know with certainly that at least the lead single will be at the top of my favorite tracks of 2015.



If you missed the latest release from Feist (2011), I highly suggest you dive in now. So fitting for the fall, especially the cold sunny days.

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