When people hear I work at Martha’s Vineyard Tattoo, they usually ask if I’m tattooing… well, no, I’m not. I’m not an artist in that sense, but I love promoting the arts. Utilizing the beautiful space at MV Tattoo, we’ve been hosting Pop Up Shops to support local artists and we’ve got TWO coming up in June!

JUNEpopupsAll of the folks involved in the Pop Ups live on the island at least part time, and hand craft the things they sell! These evenings are very laid back and have had a wonderful community feel. I mostly see them as a chance for locals to come out and support locals, so we may take a hiatus in July/August, when everyone gets super busy on the island…but we’ll continue in the fall. 

If you’re interested in being involved, email me – phjess@hotmail.com

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