LYRICS: Willy Mason

“If It’s The End”

Sunday night, Willy Mason opened up for the Swedish duo First Aid Kit at the Paradise and really won over the audience. It’s sometimes easy for the opening act to be overlooked, but not in Willy’s case. It was pretty cool to hear the chatter in the room gradually die down as people started to be drawn in by his strong, dynamic vocals and impressive guitar-work. Towards the end of his set, he invited his Mom, Jemima James, to the stage and they sang together – creating some really beautiful harmonies.

I’ve listened to Willy’s latest album Carry On a lot, but had overlooked the final track. Since hearing him play this one live, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Such simple lyrics that hit me so hard…

“I wish that I fit my clothes better
I wish that I had more to say
Before things can get much better
I’m gonna have to face today”

If it’s the end
It’s not the only end
Let it begin
Let it unfold again.”

Willy Mason

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