TPS Sessions: Garrett James

The music scene on Martha’s Vineyard sure does slow down in the offseason, but we find ways to keep busy! Over the winter, I asked some local musicians to record a bit of music and conversation with me at Phil daRosa‘s Oak Bluffs studio – The Print Shop. I also reached out to some local photographers to come by and capture these in-studio interviews. We’re calling the recordings “TPS Sessions” and I hope you enjoy them!

GARRETT_playinGARRETT_studioGarrett James is from upstate NY but has been coming to Martha’s Vineyard for the past few summers to do what a lot of young people do – work and make some extra money. This past winter was his first on the island and he found it an incredibly useful time to lock himself away to write, create, and plan for a busy summer. I had a great time getting to know Garrett and his songwriting process a little better…below are three original songs he played for me and you can scroll down for a few clips from our conversation.

“Country Music Keeps On Truckin”

“Burlesque House”

“Wish You Could Stay”


We discuss his songwriting process for “Country Music Keeps On Truckin”:

Garrett talks about how theater has influenced him:

GARRETT_talkingGarrett is playing out and about quite a bit this summer so watch for him! This month he’ll be playing in Oak Bluffs at Park Corner on Thursdays and Offshore Ale on Saturdays. Full list of dates HERE.

Garrett James WEBSITE
photos by Anthony Esposito
audio recorded by Phil daRosa
at The Print Shop, Oak Bluffs




Jess Phaneuf, Phil daRosa, Garrett James, Danielle Mulcahy

…much more to come from TPS Sessions, right here on pH balanced!





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