“Do The Trick”

Apparently I can’t go more than a few days without posting about Dr. Dog. Hopefully you can forgive me.

I love the lyrics of this song so much:

“My heart, it ain’t runnin’ right
Won’t you give it a kick
Will you be my handy man?
Will you do the trick?

I count the days as they pass me by
My tock is a nervous tick
Won’t you free my hands of time?
Will you do the trick?

All my marbles gone down the drain
You could say I’m a lunatic
Won’t you set my mind at ease?
Won’t you do the trick?

I burnt the candle on every side
Long since run out of wick
Will you be my flame tonight?
Will you do the trick?

I been split down the middle
Call a doctor and quick!
I’m in need of a better half
Will you do the trick?

I just can’t find my way all alone
Man this fog is so thick
Won’t you shine your light for me?
Will you do the trick?

I’ve thrown everything at the wall
But nothing will stick
Won’t you hang around a while?
Won’t you do the trick?

I could build you a home on high
I could lay each and every brick
Will you be there by my side?
Will you do the trick?”

Dr. Dog


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2 responses to “LYRICS: Dr. Dog

  1. dad

    Great song! but i can’t get these words from ”Love” out of my mind:” love can it last for my whole life as it passes”, i think that’s it, wow!

    • Such a great line! So glad you like the album …it took a while for it to grow on me since their older stuff is a bit different.

      love you dad!

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