SONG: Daft Punk

“Digital Love”

For Valentine’s Day, here’s my kind of love song. It’s so…HAPPY. Of course that vibe is mostly coming from the music, which is impossible not to dance to. But the lyrics are pretty great too – he sings about dreaming of being with someone and not knowing how to make that dream a reality. It’s almost as if the song IS the dream. It’s dripping with this contagiously happy vibe.

I cannot help but smile when I hear this song. And I can’t help but wonder…is it the initial dream, the HOPE of love that’s truly the best part? After all, we do create that within ourselves. It’s the butterflies in the stomach. The heart beating rapidly. The giddiness that you just can’t hide. It’s perfect. And for me, it feels a lot like this song sounds…

Daft Punk

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