LYRICS: Phosphorescent

“Muchacho’s Tune”

I’ve been diving deeper into Phosphorescent‘s latest release, Muchacho. The songs are quite varied…some tracks are more like the popular “Song For Zula”, which has a dreamlike, electronic vibe. There are more upbeat tracks on Muchacho and there are also times when Matthew Houck really shows his southern roots with songs like “Down To Go” or my current favorite, “Muchacho’s Tune”.

This song feels like it rambles, complete with honky-tonk piano riffs and bluesy lyrics that really pull me in —

“I found some fortune found some fame
I found they cauterized my veins
I’ve been f*cked up
and I’ve been a fool

Like the shepherd to the lamb
Like the wave unto the sand
I’ll fix myself up
and come and be with you”


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