SONG: Mavis Staples

“You Are Not Alone”

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to post a song today. What helps when something tragic happens? It’s difficult to say. I mentioned to my co-worker that I felt sort of silly playing music on-air this afternoon…it felt so unimportant. I also told her I thought posting a blog would feel just as insignificant. She pointed out that even if I reached just one person who needed to read my words or hear the song, then it would be worth it. So here we are.

Although I don’t normally share much personal information on this blog, it feels appropriate for me to mention that I’ve been keeping a mantra lately – everything is relative. This helps me remember that everyone I come in contact with has feelings, difficulties, problems, struggles…just the way I do. And while my problems are very real to me, every other person is living in their own reality. When I can remember this, the recognition of myself in another person almost always leads to positive, eye-opening, heart-opening experiences.

However you’ve been affected by what happened today in Boston, or even if your day was a struggle for any number of other reasons, try to remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Mavis Staples


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4 responses to “SONG: Mavis Staples

  1. karen

    thank you-your words made a difference in what was otherwise starting out ot be a very crappy day.

  2. I really appreciate what you said in this post. It completely resonates with me. Thank you for choosing to post and choosing to share a slice of your generous philosophy.

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