SONG: Samantha Crain

“It’s Simple” [LIVE]

There’s SO MUCH MUSIC out there. Understatement of the year, right? Usually when I get a personal recommendation for a new artist from a friend or co-worker, I’ll always listen (and most always really enjoy!). But beyond that, I don’t necessarily go hunting for music that I have no frame of reference for. Sometimes in a single day, I feel like I read or see dozens of suggestions for bands and artists to check out on the web, but it’s pretty rare that I’ll actually go down the road of trying to listen to everything that comes across my path. I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

And then there’s that occasion when you DO check out a completely new artist or band…music you haven’t heard and an artist name you don’t even recognize…with no personal suggestion, just an article or video you come across or a name on a list of artists “you must hear!”.

A young singer/songwriter from Oklahoma named Samantha Crain was one of those names on a list I recently read…and I’m so glad I decided to listen:

Samantha Crain

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