SONG: Alpha Rev

“Sing Loud”

Spring has sprung (just ignore the last bits of melting snow), and it’s finally starting to feel that way in my little music world. Lots of great releases are out (or about to come out) and there are fresh new tracks like this one coming through the station. This Austin, Texas band was apparently a big hit at SXSW and their third album, Bloom is getting attention for it’s lush musical landscape (CLICK to preview the tracks in iTunes). This single in particular hints at that epic, vast sound that Coldplay or Mumford & Sons can have. I dig!

Alpha Rev



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2 responses to “SONG: Alpha Rev

  1. Jess! It’s Paige Ryan here, and just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing that Passion Pit video. loved it. put it up over on my site with some cred your way. xox and hope all is well on the island!

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