SONG: Devotchka

“How It Ends”

Last week, I returned to the radio station after a dinner break to find my co-worker Alison lying on the floor of the on-air room, listening to some very loud but soothing music. She informed me that it was “Weightless” by Marconi Union, and it was scientifically proven to be the most relaxing music in existence. What do you think?:

Anyways, today I heard a version of the Devotchka song “How It Ends” by Mychael Danna (he calls it, “The Winner Is” and both versions are featured on the soundtrack for Little Miss Sunshine). The beauty in this piece of music is undeniable. As I listened, I stopped what I was doing, my mind slowed down, I contemplated life and I was nearly moved to tears. It’s amazing to be reminded of the power of music – whether it’s scientific evidence or a feeling that grows inside.

Original Devotchka track:

Instrumental Mychael Danna version:

Mychael Danna

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