LOCAL: Lexie Roth

“Stay Or Go”

Lexie Roth is a young Vineyard musician who moved to New York City a few years ago to pursue her career, but still feels strongly connected to her island home. She wasn’t born on Martha’s Vineyard, but she calls herself a “washashore transplant”, and I think anyone who spends part of their life on this island can easily become enchanted by it. Hell, it takes just one visit for some folks to fall in love with the beauty of this special place.

Island or not, it’s difficult to leave home, not to mention figure out what home really means. And Lexie explores that in her latest single “Stay Or Go”, touching upon an incredibly universal experience that most people her age can relate to:

“The song is really about the frantic restlessness of being in your early twenties and feeling constantly compelled to seek or forge an identity and a life. It’s about the struggle of being just one person wanting to experience, see, taste, meet, be everything and everyone at once”

Lexie Roth

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