So, lately I’ve been stuck musically. I haven’t really been seeking out new music or really opening myself up to it and I suppose I could use being busy as an excuse. I’ve been basically listening to the same few albums again and again. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing! These albums have some seriously stunning tracks on them. Here are a few that maybe I’ve posted before, but I cannot get enough of:

Bahamas – “Lost In The Light”
This gorgeous song floors me every time. New video:


The Tallest Man On Earth – “Wind and Walls”
Every track on There’s No Leaving Now is quite beautiful:


Feist – “Graveyard”
Can’t believe the beginning of this tune and the end are actually in the same song:


Delta Spirit – “Ransom Man”
Sometimes when you listen to an album long enough, the songs you used to skip become your favorites:


Wilco – “One Sunday Morning”
I’ve found that this 12-minute final track on The Whole Love is perfect for an up island drive:


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4 responses to “FALL TUNES

  1. Bill Murray

    Hi Jess, thanks for your album goodie list, some of whom I know. I’ll jump on your favorites, because I love new music. My list would have Iris Dement. Sing the Delta is gorgeous, an American moment.

  2. You did it again! Moved me with music. I love your music choices. Please keep them coming. Hope you are all high and dry on the island after the storm. xo~Jamie

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