LYRICS: Chris Smither

“Hundred Dollar Valentine”

This is the title track of Chris Smither’s latest album and it’s probably one of the most well-written songs I’ve heard this year. From start to finish, every phrase seems so perfect to me. I’ve got to include the entire song:

“Tell me why, the moment you’re gone
I can’t see anymore,
That sun is risin’ but it just don’t shine,
Ain’t no light through my door.
I flip my switches but I don’t turn on,
There ain’t a flicker baby, I got no juice today,
I had a lighter in my carry-on,
But the airline took it away.

You know it ain’t just my sight that you stole,
My heart’s been missin’ a beat,
My wheels are spinnin’ but they just don’t roll,
I’m standin’ dead on my feet.
I can’t go out, I can’t stay home,
I’m cryin’ showers, my mind’s a hurricane,
I called a taxi ’bout an hour ago,
But I think he got lost in the rain.

No mail today, my phone never rings,
Nothin’ works when you’re gone,
My mind is hummin’ but my heart don’t sing,
Baby can’t you please come home.
I got time on my hands I got you on my mind,
I got a heart that’s beatin’ like a hundred-dollar valentine,
I know you told me you’d be home by four,
But I just can’t take it no more.
I know you told me you’d be home by four,
But I just can’t take it no more.”

Listen tonight at 9PM to hear the entire new Chris Smither album – the Album of the Week on!

Chris Smither

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