I like that I write on my own time and don’t have stressful deadlines, but after a musical event like Newport Folk, I can be stunned into silence for a while – in this case, a whole week! Sorry for the delay but I’ve found it can take me quite a while to process experiences like these. Newport Folk Festival 2012 was incredible in so many ways…it remains one of the top musical events of the year in my eyes. Here are a few highlights for me from the weekend:

For the first time, the Friday night kickoff show was AT the Fort, and WILCO simply crushed their set.

 photo by PJ Finn
Charles Bradley
I think this guy was the big surprise for a lot of people at Newport. His performance was just dripping with genuine emotion and soul.

Maybe you’ve seen a few borderline creepy videos from Tune-yards, but did you know the music is made mostly by just one woman? I didn’t until Newport. Merrill Garbus uses drum loops and pedals to create experimental, tribal-infused, electro-pop that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. She’s joined by a bassist and two horn players when she performs live.

The Tallest Man On Earth
Kristian Matsson was one of the only performers of the weekend who took the stage on his own, with just his guitar in hand (he did sit and play keys at one point). I’m still in awe of his commanding stage presence and captivating lyrics. My dad was listening to his set via mvyradio and put it simply – “He’s my new favorite singer/songwriter”



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