SONG: John Mayer

“Queen Of California”

I like a lot of what John Mayer does, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the single “Shadow Days” from his new album Born & Raised. Well, we added the second single into rotation this week, and I’m much more into it…definitely makes me want to check out the album in its entirety:

John Mayer

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  1. Deb LaBlanc

    I first saw him live back in ’01 before he got his first grammy. I went on the strength of the single “No Such Thing” and the “Room For Squares” album. Back then, he played like he had something to prove and impressed. Seeing him inspired me to venture out from my at home mom role and back into the live music scene. He was a favorite for many years and I saw him many times in many places- came close to meeting him but never did. The past few years he’s made some questionable choices personally and professionally. I have this album and am enjoying the mellow, folky, rich vibe and personal lyrics He’s got some heavy players on it and it’s beautifully produced, but I’m still partial to RFS and Heavier Things.
    Check out- If I Ever Get Around To Living. It’s my favorite track on the record.

    Side note- I might never have known about the Ryan Montbleau Band if it weren’t for John Mayer. I met a fan (who is now a good friend) at a JM Trio show in LA in ’05 who later recommended I check out an RMB show if they ever came to town. I did (in ’06) and the rest is history…:)) Somehow though, I think I was destined to know them and the opportunity would have presented itself.

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