LIVE: Timber Timbre

Heading to see Feist live at the House Of Blues in Boston, I wasn’t thinking much about who the opener would be. But the half hour or so that we spent listening to Timber Timbre was pretty memorable. This Canadien trio is VERY different. There’s a darkness, almost a creepiness to their music. And intentionally so! In face their latest album is called Creep On Creepin’ On.

I was standing towards the front of the stage while they played their set, and I noticed how entranced everyone around me was. It’s that eerie music that you’d maybe imagine if you were walking alone through a graveyard in the dark. It’s like the soundtrack to a spooky Tim Burton film. It’s the music they’d be playing on the jukebox in the underworld. This all may sound unpleasent, but there’s definitely something fascinating about this music. There’s a quiet dark beauty to it. It’s not like much else…it’s Timber Timbre:

Timber Timbre


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