1,000th POST!!!


So this is officially my 1,000th post on pH balanced! I’ll definitely put up some music later today, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who stops in to read the blog, passes it on to a friend, subscribes via email,  comments, likes & shares on Facebook…all of it! I keep this blog because I really enjoy passing on music that I love and I obviously couldn’t do that without YOU!

A special thank you to everyone who participated in the Logo Contest! WOW! What a great collection of designs I received. The images you see on this brand spanking new site were submitted by Jesse Barnett, Brian Wallace and Erica Szuplat. Leave it to me to choose three winners for a contest, but I’m SO HAPPY with the collective outcome. I’ll be ordering business cards and other goodies soon.

Oh, and not sure if you noticed, but the site is now at phjess.com!

Hope you like the new layout…feel free to give me feedback because it is a work in progress.


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