Song Of The Day

Cibo Matto – “Sugar Water”

I knew nothing about Cibo Matto when I first heard this song and saw this video. Hell, I still don’t know much about them. I know they’re a Japanese duo that formed in NYC in the mid 90s and they first started writing songs about food (Cibo Matto means ‘crazy food’ in Italian). They broke up in 2001, and it looks like they did a reunion tour last year. I may have never heard of them if not for the fact that Michel Gondry directed one of their music videos. I own a DVD of Gondry’s work…short films and mostly music videos he directed. His work is out there…and pretty visually incredible. My mind is especially blown by the Cibo Matto video for “Sugar Water”:

I’ll be playing some Michel Gondry directed music videos tonight at The Pit Stop in Oak Bluffs for their film night…and the feature film will be a documentary about Feist called “Look At What The Light Did Now”

THE PIT STOP FILM NIGHT TONIGHT STARTS AT 7:30PM, hope to see you there!

Cibo Matto
Michel Gondry


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