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Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

The music from this four piece out of LA has an amazing way of sounding like something you’ve heard before, but somehow with a newness about it. Their tunes have been called “authentically vintage” and I really think that description is right on.

Right away the lyrics are noticeably simple but brilliant. Singer/songwriter Taylor Goldsmith has clearly been inspired by Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Jackson Browne (who sings background vocals on one track).

The single, “Time Spent In Los Angeles”, opens the album and is fittingly catchy and almost sweet sounding [*video below]. Track #2, “If I Wanted Someone”, has a bit of a Tom Petty vibe to me. “My Way Home” slows things down a bit and then heats up with some amazing guitarwork and belting vocals towards the end – a perfect segue into “Coming Back To A Man”, which is upbeat and drum-driven with a touch of harmonica.

Track #5 is “So Well”, to me one of the more sad songs on the album…and in the words we hear how the album gets its name… “And she does it so well, I was still falling in love when she said farewell, for long enough to finally tell, that nothing is wrong

We’re picked right back up with a really fun tune – “How Far We’ve Come” – one of my favorites on the album. Then comes “Fire Away”, which starts slow for me, but by the end I’m blown away by the gorgeous vocal harmonies (including Jackson Browne), and again, some seriously great guitar [*listen below, to the end!]. More sadness and heartache with the light, airy “Moon In The Water”, and the brooding “Million Dollar Bill”.

We get a much needed pick me up with track #10 – “The Way You Laugh” – which has a melody that makes you move and even some ooohs thrown in. Finally, “A Little Bit Of Everything” starts up…and it doesn’t take long to realize it’s an astonishing piece of writing. I think it’s the perfect way to end the album…leaving you thinking about life and love and connectedness. [*live version below]

“Time Spent In Los Angeles”

“Fire Away”

“A Little Bit Of Everything” [LIVE]



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