Song Of The Day

Adam Cohen – “Like A Man”

This is the title track of a new album from Leonard Cohen’s son. (*Thanks to my co-worker Barbara for always introducing me to something special and new on Friday nights with her program Uncharted Waters.) This song and this beautifully shot video that accompanies it really struck me when I first watched/listened. The whole experience was very moving and I think you’ll agree it’s a beautiful 4 minute study of relationships…which are so prominent in all of our lives. On the technical side, I really love the way he plays with the phrasing…the melody seems predictable and then surprises you.

Adam Cohen


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3 responses to “Song Of The Day

  1. dabodog

    saw this earlier in the week… nice

  2. lagoondine

    And he gives a nice nod to his father:

    “Like A Man is steeped in my recognizing that I am in the family business. Despite my efforts to carve out a different identity, really I belong to a long line of people who have embraced their father’s business. And to have my father pronounce that I have world-class love songs on my record — Like A Man and What Other Guy — is a deeply gratifying compliment.”

    -Adam Cohen

  3. Deb LaBlanc

    Adam Cohen was the frontman for a group called Low Millions a few years back. We saw them play a couple of times- once at Earthfest in Boston and the second time at a small club locally where we met and spoke to him. This is a lovely song. He truly has a beautiful singing voice with great range and is a dynamic performer with incredible stage presence. He’s a nice guy too.

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