Cayamo: Loudon Wainwright III

For me, one of the most memorable performers on Cayamo was Loudon Wainwright III. I had never seen him before and had no idea how insanely hilarious he is! His songs and his onstage banter had me (and everyone else) laughing so hard. What’s really interesting about a lot of his writing is that he can make you laugh and make you think in the same tune. His songs about family especially won me over…he seems to really have a handle on how intense yet special the family is.

Some of Loudon’s spirit and energy reminded me of my Dad. He seems like the type of guy that can laugh or smile in the face of anything. Of course, my Dad isn’t quite as raunchy! At times, Loudon makes off-color jokes that I can imagine some people might be offended by…but I see him as such a sweet spirit. I was amazed by his combination of pure comedy and thoughtful, beautiful songwriting. His performances were the epitome of ENTERTAINMENT.

Loudon Wainwright III



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2 responses to “Cayamo: Loudon Wainwright III

  1. Rick

    I see you are from Boston but you haven’t yet posted about seeing Antje Duvekot – Boston’s best folk singer! I sure hope you saw her solo set on Cayamo or that at least you have caught her at Club Passims.

  2. I’m very familiar with Antje’s music, I met and interviewed her back when I worked at WERS. She’s wonderful! I only heard a little bit of Winterbloom and didn’t catch her solo set on the boat.

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