Cayamo: John Hiatt

I was so glad I got the opportunity to see John Hiatt on Cayamo. I haven’t explored too much of his music, but what I have heard, I’ve really liked. Seeing him live just further proved what an amazing songwriter he is. To me, his songs seem to be from elsewhere…and they’ve just come through him and onto the page. You hear a lot of writers talk about that, saying that the songs just come to them, or the words are already there and they just uncover them. I feel like John Hiatt is a prime example of that. I was really drawn in to his storytelling and also very struck by what a nice guy he seems to be. He’d gladly take requests from the crowd and he even learned a new tune for a couple’s anniversary. I was glad to hear some familiar songs like “Drive South”, “Cry Love”, “Perfectly Good Guitar”, “Have a Little Faith in Me”, and “The Open Road”.

John Hiatt

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