Cayamo: Lucinda Williams

Heading into Cayamo, I wasn’t planning to check out Lucinda Williams, since I’m not a huge fan of what I’ve heard from her. But I did end up sitting and watching one of her sets, and by the end, she really grabbed me. She’s got a fierceness about her, especially in her voice. It’s interesting because it’s mostly her voice that I’m not a fan of. But hearing it live for an hour made me appreciate the power and uniqueness of it. Add in her dynamite band (and special guest Buddy Miller) and there was quite a buildup of energy over the course of the hour. Lucinda introduced almost every song, so I made note of the setlist:

“Car Wheels on a Gravel Road”
“People Talkin”
“Well Well Well”
“Over Time”
“Concrete & Barbed Wire”
“Still I Long For Your Kiss”
“Out Of Touch”
“Changed The Locks”
“Get Right With God”
“For What It’s Worth” [Buffalo Springfield]

Lucinda Williams


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4 responses to “Cayamo: Lucinda Williams

  1. I love Lucinda. And you used the perfect word “fierce”ness. Bravo to you for listening long enough to let her in – if only for a set!

  2. Rick

    I had the same opinion as you that I wasn’t too egar to see her perform…but unlike you I left feeling the same way. She did introduce the song titles but she was anything but croud friendly or engaging. I just went to my one ticked show of hers and did not go back for a second show. Previously I had only seen her on Austin City Limits but I had bought two of her albums over the years and seeing her live did nothing to make me more of a fan unlike my experiences with most performers. She just came across as a hard ass and telling that her first husband was an abusive criminal now in jail didn’t make me sympathetic to her at all…it just made me wonder how screwed up she must be.

    • Wow, I definitely saw a different set! That’s too bad, I had heard she was in a sour mood during one (or two) of her performances. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience.

  3. Brian

    I highly recommend her 1998 album “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road” – there is a nice 2CD deluxe version. The earlier 1988 self-titled Lucinda Williams albums is also quite good (includes “Changed The Locks” and “Passionate Kisses”).

    I saw two of her three sets on the recent Cayamo 2012, and thought they were very good.

    The only slight disappointment I had was that she didn’t do “Can’t Let Go” which is my favorite of her songs.

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