Cayamo: Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe has the kind of voice that doesn’t need to be loud to completely blow you out of your seat. The control she has over her vocal dynamics is mesmerizing. I saw her perform twice this week and during both sets the audience would become pin drop quiet and hang on every word….hell, every syllable! Her guitar playing proved to be just as subtle yet powerful too.

The 26 year old talked a bit about her current single “Clementine” which she originally wrote for her old band (Tomahawk Molly). She said it took her a while to come around to the tune, since she wrote it quickly as filler for a gig the same night (hence the repeating verses). Along with her own material, Jaffe covered a Justin Beiber tune and “Hang With Me” by the Swedish singer Robin.

I was left with a very memorable impression of this young talent…the quiet power of her delivery stayed with me long after the performance ended.

Sarah Jaffe

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