Cayamo: Greg Brown

There’s so much music happening on Cayamo at every turn, so it’s typical to bounce from performance to performance. But when you decide to show up early, get a prime seat and stay for an artist’s entire set, it’s well worth it. My first experience doing that this week was for Greg Brown’s performance in the Spinnaker Lounge.

Joining Brown onstage was guitarist Jason Wilbur, who also performed with John Prine that same night. Wilbur played with effortlessness, perfectly complimenting Brown’s loose, finger-picking style. Prior to the performance, I had very limited knowledge of Greg Brown so I only knew to expect an extremely low, booming voice and beautifully written lyrics. What I didn’t expect was his humor! He had us in stitches with comedic tunes that were almost like spoken word…he told us about an unpleasant woman named Annabel being dead and gone and the dangerous task of bringing a cup of coffee to his sweetheart first thing in the morning. He sang about being happy, happy, happy…ALONE, and about his “fat boy blues”. There were really tender moments in the set too…a beautiful song about his grandmother and another about his wife (Iris Dement – also performing on the boat).

All in all, Brown really showed off his talent as a writer, and his unique approach to performing. I walked away with a real sense of how poetic and clever he really is.

Greg Brown

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  1. Brian W.

    Love Iris DeMent and John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves”

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